Jul 5, 2014

CRYPTORY - The Next Best Trend On Crypto-Currencies

Back in January  of this year  I wrote my first article about Bitcoin, an introduction to this incredible world of the new digital currency, the world of crypto-currencies which you can read here if you haven't done so yet.

Since then, I've been further analysing and trying several possibilities, opportunities and new trends related to Bitcoin and have written other articles you can read here, and here.

Who´s The Next Trend On The Block Of Crypto-Currencies? - CRYPTORY 
There are so many ways to start making your own Bitcoins from mining yourself, being this the most difficult way, to collecting from innumerous online faucets, the easiest - if you have free time.  

I’ve recently been introduced to, and joined a new program that might be something interesting for all of you to join as well:  CRYPTORY

CRYPTORY,   is a registered trademark  of Cryptory Investment Partners Limited and Dublin Cryptorium Limited in Ireland.


Just by the name, anyone can assume that Cryptory deals in some sort with crypto-currencies, but exactly how?

Cryptory’s activities are the designing of chips specialized for the performance emission of Bitcoin currency. They are experts in the design, deployment and management of a wide range of IT solutions, and their supplier is the largest chip maker, Infineon Technologies.

How does Cryptory  system work?

The data center at CRYPTORY has been installed with high-performance servers that run on the specially developed ASIC-chip. These servers are optimized for Bitcoin mining and work on a common system of calculation. As more people reserve computing resources provided by the Cryptory system, the funds raised will go towards the purchase of new equipment to increase and better the system.

How can you get involved to start earning with Cryptory?

You can reserve a certain amount of computational resources provided by Cryptory’s  system by creating an account and depositing  an initial account balance that may start  from $50. The rate of mining will always depend on the amount of your account balance and the time it is left to accrue. Their site provides a calculator so you may figure out how much to invest initially in order to get back the earnings you expect to earn.

But how does it all work for you to earn every minute with Cryptory?

Their platform is a scalable system of distributed computing . The powerful computing system is optimized for the emission of Bitcoins, and the company has developed high-performance servers, dedicated to mining for Bitcoins. Cryptory allows you to use these servers, so all you need to do is sit back and watch your earnings grow, as long as you stay active with a minimum of $50 in your Cryptory account. Of course, the more you have deposited the more you earn, it’s obvious.

What to do to get in to Cryptory system and start earning today?

1-   Complete your  registration and open an account here.
2-  Make a deposit through either payment systems such as  BitCoin, EgoPay, Perfect Money or SolidTrustPay.

After just 2 quick steps you can literally see your account grow; you will see what I mean when you have your account set up with funds! There is a lot of information on the site to get more familiarized with the project  started only a couple of months ago by Cryptory, but the most important notes for you to keep in mind are:

1- The account balance can be withdrawn or replenished at any time using the same payment methods with no restrictions, but keep in mind, exponentially increasing income will depend on how much you have left in the balance of your account and how long it is left to accumulate Bitcoins. In simple words: - You can withdraw any amount from the system at any time, without restriction, but you may only keep your account earning and accruing with the Cryptory program as long as you keep a minimum of $50.


                                                              Maximize Your Earning Potential with CRYPTORY


May the Bitcoin world continue to grow with Cryptory, as well as your earnings!

Jun 22, 2014

How to Save Money on Food

How to save money on food is quite easy if you plan ahead and know how to cook, period; but it can be much easier if you are focused on eating nutritiously well, and worry about food waste.

This is not another article with several steps on how to save money on food, no it isn´t.

This is related to what I promised when I wrote my introduction (published on the Behind the Scene page) back in March 2013 : - “In Moneytrends4U you will find ONLY what I have tried and believe it is worth sharing, and that can be as grand as to ways of investing and making lots of money,  to as small but also important,  as what to do with last night’s leftovers.”  

How to Save Money on Food
Master of all trades, not all, but a lot of them, I also like to cook, and I have taken a Nutritional Science course back in the eighties to better master and consolidate the art of cooking with proper and adequate  nutrition. This knowledge is a complement to my focus on saving money in every aspect of my daily routine, as well as my ongoing concern on not wasting any food.

As far as I´m concerned, I think you can plan on saving money on food at home when you write down your shopping list. Of course you can use coupons, buy items on sale etc., and that is also important, but as I mentioned before this is not where I want to focus this article.

Concentrating on these three points – 1)eating nutritiously well, 2)no food waste, 3)how to save money on food, I will give you one example in order for you to have an idea how to plan ahead on saving money on food while making the grocery list, and from there you will be able to apply it with almost any other food ingredient.

Suppose you don´t have a big family but you still would like to make a nice big pork loin, but hesitate because you think to yourself: - who likes to have pork loin reheated?  Good point, probably no one does!

How to Save Money on Food
What can you do?

Buy the pork loin (if it´s on sale better yet),  rub or smother it with virgin olive oil, season with salt and place it in a covered container for about 24 hours in the refrigerator.  Roast cook it in the oven in a low temperature, with the olive oil and just a bit of water, where if you´d like you may add small potatoes and diced carrots, and voilá – you will have your first delicious and nutritious meal with the most tender pork loin.

What to do with the rest?

Save it in the refrigerator as soon as it is cooled off and the next day (it is easier to cut it) plan how many more meals you can provide for, having in mind the following ideas:

-           Make the thinnest slices possible for roast pork sandwiches, and freeze them in individual plastic bags.

-          Cut it in cubes to make fried rice, where you should try to make it with whole rice to make it so much more nutritious, a chili or even a salad to be served as a meal where you will use your most savoring ingredients.  My favorite is: - pork loin cubes with papain also cut in cubes, with a vinaigrette sauce made with virgin olive oil, fresh lime juice and coriander leaves thinly cut.  Don´t forget to store the cubes in plastic bags as well, and just take them out when you need to use them.

How to Save Money on Food
With one pork loin you will be able to make several delicious and nutritious meals, never wasting any food, never thinking you´re eating leftovers , and above all, saving money on food.

You may and should use your creativity to use this example with pork loin with other ingredients such as turkey, chicken and even fish, and the next time you make your grocery list, think how much you can save on food making nutritiously delicious meals, by planning ahead of time and focusing on the most important factors:  - 1)eating nutritiously well, 2)no food waste, 3)how to save money on food.

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