Oct 8, 2014

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

Financial stress often leads to anxiety and the need for psychotherapy; psychotherapy makes you spend more money on endless treatments, and spending too much will roller coast to out-of-control finances.

Soon enough, the financial anxiety caused by all your debt will give you insomnia, headaches, bad humor, bad performance at work, low self-esteem, and worst of all - not knowing what to do, where to start – thinking that any measure will be helpless.

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

So how do you treat your financial anxiety?

The best way, is never getting to that stage of chaos, and have a fair organization of your life and your finances. I´ve written other articles regarding this and  by reading or rereading them you will find plenty of clues and tips on how to invert your difficult situation.

Check them out:

2 - Savings

If things are already out of control you must get ahold, take charge of your finances and STOP spending on non-essentials, period.  

Make a list of your monthly expenses and mark what is non-essential and see how much you can save at the end of the month. Start implementing those measures immediately.  

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

In short: Trim the Fat from Your Budget.

There is no special secret on How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety, matter of fact it´s quite simple and all you need is commitment. Start trimming the fat from your budget immediately, get ahold of your finances once and for all, lead a wise and healthy life where you don´t spend too much and save  in the long run. After all of this planning, organizing and saving you will see your financial anxiety leaving you for life.

Like Kevin O´Leary from Shark Tank says:  Don’t spend too much. Mostly save. Always invest.


Sep 17, 2014

Organize Your Life and Save Money

Hopefully everyone had a nice summer, kids are back in school and it´s time to reorganize everything around the house and put life back on track so some money can be saved with the organization process.

Disorganization is the worst enemy for money saving, the well-known phrase “time is money” enlightens us to the idea behind it, but are we always organized enough to save money?

Organize Your Life and Save Money
This article today is like a two in one: - How to Organize and How to Save Time and Money.

1-      Write down your priorities having in mind it´s the end of the summer and all the chores you should do next, like for instance cleaning, washing and putting away all the summer clothes or garden furniture. By doing this now, next year you won´t have to replace any of them for not being in mint condition, so you will start with an idea of a good amount of saved money.

2-      When going through the summer stuff, if you have kids and know they will outgrow some of the summer clothes, don´t go through the trouble of putting them away, do wash them, and put them on eBay for sale, or any other related site used in your country. Put that amount on the side and save it for next summer’s new batch of clothes for your kids.  Do the same thing with toys and gadgets.

3-      Clean up all the clutter and organize your house in such a way that you don´t waste any time when you are running for work in the morning. Make sure you have enough time to have breakfast at home, it´s healthier and you save money. 

Organize Your Life and Save Money
4-      Continue to go through the list to organize your life by priorities and don´t forget to reorganize your budget that after a summer must be off-balanced. If you need help, here is an interesting site to land you a hand on categorizing and organizing your finances, it´s called Mint  and it´s free to use.

5-      When balancing your budget, check if you can change and update some of the contracts you have on insurance, utilities, cable, telephone and cell phones. These companies often change prices and conditions to attract new customers and you might save some money by changing or even switching companies.

6-      Now that you've put all the summer stuff away, think about winterizing your home. Need help? Here is lots of valuable information on home repair and winterizing your home,  you can use free of charge from an expert in this field.  

7-      Organize your gift list and  shop ahead of time for the holidays and birthdays so you can save money by taking advantage of online sales.

If you have any other tips of your own on how to Organize Your Life and Save Money please do share them with us.

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