Nov 1, 2014

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Further to the previous reviews and updates on Globallshare, which you may read here and here the social network that has been in development for almost two  years, the following is the latest updated information:

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Globallshare cleaned out all the spam and lot´s of fraudulent accounts during the last few months, but sadly, in this “cleaning” went a lot of genuine accounts leaving a very bitter taste in the mouths of their owners. I personally complained and claimed the account of a relative of mine, to conclude Globallshare does not answer regarding the disappearance of accounts.

I do understand that giving away free shares should be exclusive to genuine accounts, no doubt about that whatsoever - but closing the accounts without a warning email, is in my view not a decent way to work.  One thing they did gain with such a procedure – a lot of voices claiming they are scam and this is not good at all.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

I signed up with Globallshare back in May 2013 and lost most of the friends that had registered through me, some of which were close friends and family members whose accounts, to my dismay, completely vanished. If it weren´t for the daily shares I had for logging in everyday, I would at some point be left with almost nothing.

I guess we will never know what made them cancel and erase so many accounts without any notice, but as I promised, I will go to the end of this to see if this is a legit social network.

The offer of free shares has been closed for the Non-US users and for US-Users it will be closed in 29 days.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Upon the closing, share owners  were given the choice of opening a GAS Share Account paying an administration fee (for life) of $19.99.

This fee will supposedly allow its share owners to eventually buy or  sell shares, and, or receive its  monthly dividends  without having to pay any further commissions or fees.  When the transaction of payment of $19.99 is complete the share owners receive a certificate with the amount of shares, and a receipt  drawn up by Metronet Global Media, Inc. with the address 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes DE 19958, United States.

According to the schedule posted by Globallshare, trading of shares will begin on December 02,2014 and on January 02, 2015 monthly dividends will start to be paid to all the share owners.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Hopefully it won´t be long until, the ones who have believed in  Globallshare, will know for sure if it was worth it, or not, registering and logging in everyday after all these long months.

As for the network itself, in my opinion it’s not very attractive or tempting like other networks to stay and read what all the friends post, for the simple reason that 99% of the those posts are pictures which after a while becomes very boring.  I think, this is due to the fact Globallshare  has a “rating” for whoever has more posts and likes, so of course the fastest way to do this is to load the network with pictures, but this is just a personal opinion that might not even be yours and therefore could be totally irrelevant.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

If you are a USA resident you can still register on Globallshare and sign up to get some free shares for the next 29 days, as long as you login every single day until then, as well as increase that amount by inviting all your friends.   

Oct 8, 2014

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

Financial stress often leads to anxiety and the need for psychotherapy; psychotherapy makes you spend more money on endless treatments, and spending too much will roller coast to out-of-control finances.

Soon enough, the financial anxiety caused by all your debt will give you insomnia, headaches, bad humor, bad performance at work, low self-esteem, and worst of all - not knowing what to do, where to start – thinking that any measure will be helpless.

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

So how do you treat your financial anxiety?

The best way, is never getting to that stage of chaos, and have a fair organization of your life and your finances. I´ve written other articles regarding this and  by reading or rereading them you will find plenty of clues and tips on how to invert your difficult situation.

Check them out:

2 - Savings

If things are already out of control you must get ahold, take charge of your finances and STOP spending on non-essentials, period.  

Make a list of your monthly expenses and mark what is non-essential and see how much you can save at the end of the month. Start implementing those measures immediately.  

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

In short: Trim the Fat from Your Budget.

There is no special secret on How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety, matter of fact it´s quite simple and all you need is commitment. Start trimming the fat from your budget immediately, get ahold of your finances once and for all, lead a wise and healthy life where you don´t spend too much and save  in the long run. After all of this planning, organizing and saving you will see your financial anxiety leaving you for life.

Like Kevin O´Leary from Shark Tank says:  Don’t spend too much. Mostly save. Always invest.


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