Apr 8, 2014

Befrugal Best Cashback Shopping Site

BeFrugal.com Cash Back
BeFrugal is the number one site for stretching your hard earned money when shopping.

When you  register you are able to save thousands with online coupons, money saving tools, printable grocery coupons, deals, tips  and so much more!

Befrugal has over three thousand cashback stores since they launched their business in November 2011 as a cashback site and as a coupon site back in 2009.

Befrugal is accredited by the Better Business Bureau from the USA and some of their features are:

1.  Online shopping with cashback discounts and referring friends
2.  Cashback by check or PayPal, upon request when your cash back balance reaches $25
3.  Earn $5 for referring a friend who makes $25 in cashback-eligible purchases.  

BeFrugal's committment message is to "help you save".
"We promise the best selection of working coupons, the best cash back rates and unparalleled service to our members. Membership is free; and we hope that you do all your shopping through BeFrugal.
- Jon Lal, founder of BeFrugal.com"

It is free to sign up on Befrugal, so don´t wait,  do it now and check how much you can save when shopping, flying, driving or even going out to dinner.

BeFrugal.com Cash Back

Mar 27, 2014

Looking For a New Job

The Best New Trend on How to Look for a Job

Looking for a New Job?
Are you unemployed and looking for a job?
Are you tired of your job and are thinking of looking for a new one?
I have found a tool that will help you with any of the above.

Who remembers the slogan “Let your fingers do the walking”?

I think most of us will know it is from the Yellow Pages from the USA, but what you probably don´t know ( I didn’t)  is this slogan dates back from 1964.

So you will ask what does the slogan “Let your fingers do the walking” have to do with looking for a new job?
Looking for a New Job?

Quite simple indeed!

First make sure you have a resume ready, if you don´t have one go and prepare  it first, then come back here and use the widget at the end of this article to find the job you are looking  and think you are well prepared for.

For all of this, all you need is to “let your fingers do the walking”, see?! Indeed again!

Yes I did write  indeed twice already so I better introduce you to indeed :

Indeed  is the best job finding  search engine platform I know.  So far they have over 1.7 million stories shared related to people’s jobs from around the world.

Make sure you mark this post so you can come back anytime you need to, or send the link to a friend you know is looking for a new job.

Please do feel free to share with all of our readers about your experience with indeed, by writing it in the comments area.

The Best of luck in finding that great new job with indeed!

Jobs from Indeed

Mar 4, 2014

Bitcoin - Will it be Around in The Next Decade?

Some ifs and bits about Bitcoin

 Will it be Around

 in The Next Decade?
Just yesterday Warren Buffett has stated on CNBC that Bitcoin is not a currency.

He actually said: “It’s not a currency. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t around in the next 10-20 years.”

He also pointed out that Bitcoin is being priced off the dollar and that it is simply not a durable means of exchange.

Warren Buffett does not need an introduction,  one of the richest and successful in the investment world, this 83-year-old investor probably still has some lessons to teach the most knowledgeable and well informed about his lifelong trade, but is he right about Bitcoin? Only the future will tell but maybe in the meantime we can and should prepare to be ready!

Warren Buffet, the most successful investor of the 20th century started is first investments way back in 1942. His advice today is, still, to hold on to assets instead of money and he might be right, although assets can depreciate as well as currency!

He continued to say: “American businesses are going to be worth more money. Dollars will be worth less, so that money won’t buy you quite as much, but you’ll be much better off owning productive assets over the next 50 years than you will be holding pieces of paper or, I’m not sure, bitcoins,” , he said chuckling.

Ok, I follow all of the above pretty well, but my first question is:
Isn´t Bitcoin supposed to be a, or the, currency of the future?
And my second question is: - Who remembers the US dollar being the strongest currency?
Until the arrival of the Euro in 1999 when it started to be used virtually and  then in 2002 notes started to circulate, the US dollar was certainly the strongest, but ever since then, it has never been the same as it used to be.
Recently, Bitcoin has been as unstable, as being as, way up on 11-30-2013 at the rate of $1124.7631, and taking a plunge way down to $534.7108 on 02-25-2013, just a week ago; though today it´s already at $679.71, but you can check the actual amount (on the right) as you read this article.

Anything can happen with currency, any kind of currency for that matter, and nobody needs to be an expert on the subject to come to that conclusion. But the doubt remains, especially after hearing what the supposed experts on the matter say about it.

With all this uncertainty should we do something? Should we take the ride or should we stay back and watch? It really depends on each one of us. There are the ones who are totally adventurous, and there are the ones who are totally prudent, and there even the ones who are the speculators.

My advice? Remember the old saying “Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket”? That is what I take into consideration all the time, but I also like to prepare for the future with some ifs and bits about Bitcoin cleared up, meaning: learning as much as possible about this currency of the future, and if possible start stashing away some Bitcoins in a wallet somewhere, just in case!

So what do you think? Will Bitcoin be Around in The Next Decade? 

Feb 26, 2014

10 Secrets to Stretch Your Salary until the Next Payday

10 Secretss
to Stretch Your Salary
 until the Next Payday
 Let’s play a game. It’s called “make your salary last until the next payday.” You may already be quite familiar with the game. This time though, let’s win – let’s not only make it to the next payday, but have enough cash to spare for savings and maybe even a contingency fund.

Will it be hard? It’s up to you. Here are some tips to help you make it:

1.       Be brutally honest to yourself

Assess yourself, your financial habits, and your attitude towards spending. Whenever you get the urge to buy an item, ask yourself: Can I afford it? If you cannot buy it without eventually getting drowned in debt, you should say no to yourself.
Another question to ask (and that you have to answer honestly) is: Is it something I need? “Needs” sometimes overlap with “wants” and you find yourself in dilemma – you can’t seem to tell which is which. For example, you want a new TV set. You can easily justify buying it with your need for entertainment and information. So what do you do? Think again. Will it impact your life in a significant way if you don’t buy it now? If not, then include it in your list of things that can wait for later. In the meantime, learn to identify your true needs and allot your money accordingly while setting some aside for savings. You’d be surprised that eventually, you’ll have enough extra cash for that TV.

2.        Reflect on your definition of happiness

You simply cannot buy everything you want – at least for now. If that makes you unhappy, it’s time to reflect on your issues and how you view the meaning of happiness. A staycation with your relatives during a holiday is more satisfying—and money-saving—than lusting after a designer bag. If you value a bag more than quality time with friends and family, you might need to reconsider your priorities.

10 Secrets to Stretch Your Salary until the Next Payday

3.       Do the math

If you are spending more than what you really earn, you should change your route now. Compute how much comes in, then subtract what should come out for expenses and needs. If there’s a difference after subtracting, then you have something to spend for your wants. If there’s none or heavens forbid it comes back negative, then you need to re-budget and start from scratch. Make a list of bills, debt, and daily expenses. Having a visual guide may make it easier for you to budget your finances and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

4.       Avoid that card

Resist the urge to use your credit card when your cash runs out. It will just ruin your financial state as well as your credit score. Admit it, Confessions of a Shopaholic secretly scared you, didn’t it? You don’t want debt collectors’ calls and unnecessary visits, right? Take a look at your credit card bill. Isn’t it shocking knowing your next salary will only be used to repay what you already owe?

5.       Use cash

Do you feel a certain heartache when you’re at the cashier, counting the money you’re about to spend? That’s a good thing – indeed, pain is a natural reaction that has allowed our ancestor’s survival for thousands of years. The same concept applies to your finances. If you pay in cash, it’s easier to track expenses compared to using credit cards. It’s painful to actually see your cash being spent instead of swiping your card here and there. Use your cash and feel the pain – it’s a good reminder to watch your spending habits.

6.       Make your own lunch

Always prefer lunching out with officemates? You can always prepare a good meal on your own. Let your creative juices flow when preparing your lunch. Enjoy your lunch in your office pantry and invite your colleagues to do the same. The amount of money you will save plus the satisfaction of doing something for yourself is a phenomenal combination for you and your wallet.

7.       Go home immediately after work

Spending weeknights with friends and drinking or clubbing the night away is not a good idea when you’re in financial distress. Your friends will surely understand if they know your state. Learn to say “No” and spend a lovelier night at home with your family – spending nothing at all.

8.       Be with a “money buddy”

If you think it’s harsh to say “No” to temptations or your self-control is not so great, “hire” someone who would do it for you. It could be someone you spend most of the day with – like your closest officemate. She should remind you of your goals and your salary savings. She should be the one in charge of taking you away from temptations like mall sales or your desire to shop and eat out. You can do the same for her goals too.

9.       Take baby steps

Appreciate little changes because every little change counts. You can still use traditional piggy banks, for instance – these never get old. Your financial state and spending habits will not change overnight, but if you develop habits through baby steps, you’ll eventually prevail.
10.    Think long-term

Okay, so you made it from one payday to the next. What now? Think bigger. If your habit is surviving from payday to payday, turn it into saving a certain amount from payday to payday, and go on from there.
Make saving a habit from now on.  Surviving from payday to payday is a harsh reality to most employees. The sooner you start saving and being wise about your spending habits, the better. Debt-free means stress- and worry-free. It’s easier said than done but the steps outlined above are worth a try.

Guest  Post by:  Mark Yasay 

Authors Bio:

Mark Yasay is a social media enthusiast and a writer for MoneyMax, the Philippines most comprehensive online platform for comparing financial- and telecom products and -services. MoneyMax aims to consistently find the best broadband plans, credit cards, loans, and other services and products that suit your needs.

Feb 22, 2014

Spreadshirt a Trendy Way to Make Extra Money Online

MT4U Trendy Store
On my ongoing search for new and interesting ways to make extra money online  that might be worth sharing I ran across Spreadshirt, an online platform for apparel merchandising.
Spreadshirt was founded in Leipzig (Germany) by graduate student Lukasz Gadowski and Matthias Spieß in 2001. Michael Peterson, another executive director, joined Spreadshirt in 2004. In August 2007, Jana Eggers became CEO replacing Gadowski who is now Spreadshirt's President. In 2011, Phillip Rooke became CEO, replacing Jana Eggers. 

While keeping its headquarters in Leipzig, Spreadshirt has opened up European branch offices in Berlin, Paris, and in the city of Utrechet in the Netherlands. It has expanded to the United States with major locations in both the Pittsburgh suburb of Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Boston, Massachusetts. It has been a successful growing business with several awards received as well as continuous expansion, making it a  great alternative to make extra money online.
Spreadshirt is a creative online platform for apparel merchandising that allows internet site owners to create their own online shops for free and sell customized products. Spreadshirt lets anyone from companies to individuals integrate these online shops with their own websites. The shop partners can then earn self-determined commissions on each sale through Spreadshop.

Requirements for using Spreadshop are minimal: you only need an internet connection and design/logo graphic files for products or choose from the available ones. Spreadshirt does the rest for the shop partners by handling the production, shipping, payment processing, customer service, and providing other online merchandising tools.

For those who just want to create personalized shirts with a design and text of their choice, Spreadshirt also has the “Spreadshirt Designer” shop available on their website. 

If you are creative and need a way to make some extra money online, you can just open up a store in Spreadshirt and use your talent to design new T-shirts or any other of their available items.

But even if you are not creative, you can open up a store anyway because you are allowed to use the many graphics available in Spreadshirt, and just play around it, as well as with the colors and the possibility of making that extra money is absolutely yours.

I opened MoneyTrends4U Trendy Store,but I confess I did not have much time to let my imagination run into a long creative mode. My main idea was to register in Spreadshirt, organize things around the store and get some stock running just to get the feel of how everything works in order to share the information with all of you.

I opened the free version, but if you want to you can open a premium version paying a monthly fee. My advice is as usual: go for the free version and after evaluating how it´s working you can either close shop at not costs to you, or expand and buy the premium version.

MT4U Trendy Store

One last but not least interesting detail: you can open up a Spreadshirt store in as many as these countries:
North America:

Happy Sales!

Feb 18, 2014

Plus500 Affiliate Program

Plus500 Affiliate Program
Use With Caution

The idea behind MoneyTrends4u is giving tips about saving money or making extra money, hence I will never encourage anyone to spend money unwisely or carelessly.

A way to make extra money is surely within the line of investing, and because of the  risks involved, one should never go into it without being fully aware of the pros and cons. One should make certain, to use all the knowledge and available tools in order to minimize losses. 

But there are other risky financial products that are suitable for experienced users and never for beginners, and that is trading.

Let´s take as an example: Trading Forex may result in a complete loss of funds, but it may not; depending on several facts where the main one is whether the user is experienced in this area. I am not! I never tried it but I have friends who did and still do, they sure know what they are doing and are doing well for years with the variations in the exchanges as well as trading in commodities.

There are several online trading platforms and all have good reviews, but since I don´t do trading, at least for the time being, I tried just the affiliates program of  Plus500 Affiliate Program, as an affiliate not as a trader.

Forex is Risky

As a forex affiliate you should also have in mind the risk involved as if you were a trader yourself.Please don´t mind me repeating: Forex Is Risky! Transactions of any kind of financial instruments can consist of a substantial degree of risk, even in a total loss.

Plus500 is an online broker in forex and CFDs, with head offices in the UK and dedicated mostly towards novice traders. Its biggest advantages are an incredible CPA (up to $600) and a high conversion rate due to a free no-deposit bonus. While they are both trading and affiliate, in terms of profitability it is second to none in the retail online trading niche.

To open an account as an affilliate you may register here

If you´d rather register as a trader you can do so through the CPA plan or Revenue Share plan.



Usability5 stars
Reliability5 stars
Features5 stars
Customer support5 stars
Money protection5 stars

Top Recomended Broker

Remember that CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire deposit. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for you. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved.
Company NamePlus500UK Ltd.
HeadquartersLondon, UK
License and regulationFinancial Conduct Authority
Instruments available to trade CFD's:Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, ETF's
PlatformsSoftware, Web trader, iPhone app, iPad app, Android app, other mobile versions.
Instruments available to tradeClick here to view
Demo AccountUnlimited time
Welcome bonus (No deposit required)£20
First deposit bonusUp to 30%
Deposit and withdraw methodsCredit Card, PayPal, Wire, BankDraft, Skrill
Minimum deposit£100
Trading feesNo trading fees
Minimum spreads2 Pips
Maximum Leverage1:300
Real time quotesAvailable
Support24/7 Email support
Languagesالعربية, български, 简体中文, 繁體中文, Hrvatski, Česky, Dansk, Nederlands, English, Eesti, Suomeksi, Français, Deutsch, Eλληνικά, עברית, Magyar, íslenska, Italiano, 한국어, Latviešu, Lietuviškai, Bahasa Melayu, Malti, Norsk, Polski, Português, Română, Pyccĸий, sr̩̂pski, Slovenčina, Slovenski, Español, Svenska, Türkçe
Open Real Account Open Demo Account


Whatever you do don´t forget to use your money wisely! 

Feb 6, 2014

Referral Banners The New Trend in Banner Advertising

Referral Banners
Referral Banners is a brand new concept in banner advertising!
They pay you for displaying banner adverts, plus to refer new members and advertisers!

They claim to be Banner ads with a twist...

refban is part of Rogue Media Ltd,  an English advertising network with a referral system as well.  

refban or Referral Banners is a combined banner network and referral system. They pay users to display banners on their websites or blogs and also for referring other users. 
It consists of a very easy system to make some extra money online and without investing any money of your own, unless of course, you want to a buy a Pro Member Package, which in that case you will be able to make a lot money.

Let´s review how refban works:

Every time a banner is shown on a website or blog,  that counts as one banner impression.
The program is free to join and you can earn an unlimited amount depending solely on the total of impressions you have on your wesite or blog.

As a free member you earn $0.05 per account per day for displaying banners and $0.01 per referral per day when their referrals display banners.

As a Pro member  you  earn $0.10 per account per day for displaying banners and $0.02 per referral per day when their referrals display banners.

refban  pay affiliate commissions as well,  when your referrals purchase advertising. Free members earn 15% (up to $28.50 per sale) and Pro members earn 30% (up to $57.00 per sale).

For example, a Pro member displays banners on their website daily, has 50 referrals that display banners on their websites daily and has 5 referrals that advertise regularly, they can earn this:
$0.10 for displaying banners daily - $36.50 per year
50 referrals display banners daily - $365.00 per year
5 referrals advertise monthly - $900.00 per year
Total earned per year - $1,301.50

refban - banners with a twist

refban currently supports payments via PayPal, and soon will be adding other processors for non-PayPal countries, plus payments via international check.

They presently have a $5 sign up bonus, so please go ahead and  register now

Referral Banners