Feb 21, 2015

Site, Blog, Domain For Sale

Site, Blog, Domain For Sale - MoneyTrends4U

MoneyTrends4U is For Sale

Life is full of choices, changes, and you have to adapt  - this is one of my mottoes.

The truth of the matter is that MoneyTrends4U needs a lot of time I no longer have available, despite all the dedication I try to give it.

Anyone interested in buying MoneyTrends4U please send  a proposal using the contact form on the right.

Site, Blog, Domain For Sale - MoneyTrends4U

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Jan 18, 2015

So You Think You Can Blog?

If anyone asks you bluntly - So You Think You Can Blog?  - Your answer should be as blunt:
- Yes, of course I can!

 Of course anyone can, as long as:

1-      You write fairly well.
2-      Define a subject you can master.
Have free time to spend writing.

These are the three musts; all the rest will flow like a breeze if you choose the easiest platform -  the most user friendly one: - Blogger!

So You Think You Can Blog?
Anyone can start a Blog from Blogger in only a few minutes; then as you get better familiarized with the blogger platform you can start to get more creative and find new plugins and gadgets to use in order to make your blog different or unique.

Play with themes, colors and fonts until you get the look you like. I will not show you a step by step way to start a blog because I think it takes all the fun out of creating something on your own, letting your curiosity and creativity flow, but if you get a bit stuck or are in one of those lazy moods we all get into sometimes, just ask google for help, there are humongous amounts of dedicated bloggers who write posts with step by step instructions in almost all languages.

You can use your blog as a selling platform, you can monetize your blog in several different ways, but you can just use it just for plain fun if that´s what you want, because it is just free to use.

So You Think You Can Blog?
Last but not least - by reading this post you have an excellent idea about starting a blog; you are already thinking about the theme, the colors, the fonts, the name, and say to yourself. – Of course I don´t think I can blog, I´m sure I know I can blog - but would love to have your own domain but imagine it´s difficult to get and expensive?! - No, not at all, check this sale on  GoDaddy

So You Think You Can Blog? - Of course you can!
– Be genuine, be creative and happy blogging! 

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Dec 27, 2014

New Social Network tsu

 New Social Network tsu  - Pays Users Who Post

A new social network called tsu (pronounced sue) has been out there since it´s launch on October  14, 2014 with a promise to pay users who post.

Let´s see what´s all the noise about tsu - The New Social Network that Pays Users who Post

tsu was founded in 2013 by tech entrepreneurs Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, Thibault Boullenger, and Jonathan Lewin, and it is a New York based network.

The company  has received a sum of $7 million from Sancus Capital Prive and other investors before launch, and they promise to share ad revenue with content creators.

New Social Network Tsu - Pays Users Who Post

tsu works similarly like Facebook but their aim is making a difference by rewarding the users for their original content, and you may only join if you have an invite like this one.

How does it work?

New Social Network Tsu
 - Pays Users Who Post
You join following this link and register; then your email will be confirmed making it possible to build your profile.  After that everything is very much like user friendly as far as building your profile with all the information you think is relevant. uilding your own network, and sharing the best content you possibly can in order to receive the best feedback and shares, will be a breeze and you´ll be on the road to earn some money at zero cost.

In simple words: - the more interesting content you create which gets shared, the more money you make.

What do you get? How much? -  tsu keeps 10 percent of the revenue it earns from its ads. It gives the other 90 percent to its content creators and the people that share posts.

New Social Network Tsu  - Pays Users Who Post

If you are social and share quality posts you will get paid cash. tsu works with organic reach and rewards influencers who publish content and who have lots of friends.

In practice you invite people to join the network, these users will become your “children”, and all  the  people they invite will become their children and your “grandchildren”.

tsu’s algorithm automatically tracks, measures, and distributes revenue to the appropriate user and their family tree of children and grandchildren, related to their content.

New Social Network Tsu  - Pays Users Who Post

The network expects you to create your own network and manage it, and if you do it well you will get revenue for your participation.

Basically it works like this: 90 percent of revenues are distributed to users, and to maintain the platform, tsu receives 10 percent of revenue using the term “infinite thirds” to describe how it allocates its revenue.

If you´re not motivated yet about joining and make some money on this New Social Network tsu  who Pays Users Who Post, watch this video that ran on FoxBusiness with an interview with tsu founder Sebastian Sobczak.

Join me and I´ll see you on the other side of tsu

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Dec 19, 2014

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Any responsible parent knows that buying too many presents for their kids is not good; the question is however - how to get around it if most are doing just that? How to choose the best Christmas gifts for kids without being labeled as a Christmas Grinch?

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids
No one wants to go back to the times when no Christmas gifts were given, those were sad times - gifts are good most especially for small children. What a joy it can be to watch a child receive that special toy they were so anxious to get!  The big problem is  that overconsumption has taken the high road, and parents  don´t know how to get off.

Knowing that too much is not good is most important.

If you are a concerned parent about the wellbeing and financial future of your children I’m sure you have taken the necessary precautions in order not to go with the flow and overboard with the Christmas gifts you choose to buy.  

If you are uncertain as what to do, please read my previous article on Good Money Skills to Teach Children, and give it a thought as to whether it would be a good idea, to keep it simple as far as the toys are concerned, but compliment it with one of the ideas on the article!?

A lot of concerned people have been alerting to this fact of overconsumption being  bad for children; I haven´t been  the only apprehensive  person alerting to this fact and I am glad to see statements such as  “Missouri researchers warn buying too many presents for children can turn them into materialistic adults and cause behavioral issues in later life”

If you´d like read more, check this article on the Daily Mail, and be sure to watch the video as well, where Professor Martha Richins talks about the results of the study.  

Teach your kids on a daily basis that money does not grow on trees.

It is important that you know about the value of money, so you can teach your children as well, and give them the right tools in order to be selective about their choices in the future -  the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids are certainly the ones that will contribute for their wellbeing  and good sustainable future.

Last 12 Days of Toys Deals Til Xmas

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Merry Christmas!

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Dec 11, 2014

Best Anti-virus 2015 at the Best Price

Why pay full price when you can save sometimes more than 50% when buying the best quality antivirus for you pc, lap top, tablet and even smartphone? Read this article through, we’ve found the place you´re you can buy software at the best savings price for your  anti-virus or other software you might need.

For almost 9 years I’ve been using licensed BitDefender antivirus without one complaint whatsoever, until this current year (2014) when I decided to uninstall before the end period of the license, because of:

Best Anti-virus 2015 at the Best Price

1-      Slowness or blockage on re-initiating the pc or laptop
2-      Slowness or total blockage when BitDefender was updating which happened every hour.
3-      Trojans getting through without BitDefender noticing them

When buying a license for an antivirus you look forward a product that will make your life easier, protecting your work online as well as your data, right?

Not always!

Almost at the end of the year, I decided to uninstall BitDefender after having such a problem with trojans that made me format the main pc once again. Mind you, this happened 3 times this year. 
I´ve searched, researched, tried it for a month and finally bought a new license for TrendMicro Internet Security.
Best Anti-virus 2015 at the Best Price

How does Trend Micro Internet Security work?

1-      Silently
2-      The updates are done without you noticing
3-    The clean ups do not interfere or slow the pc,they are done when the software decides it is needed.

I finally have my pc working normally as last year, running faster as well as opening the pages and restarting much faster than before.

I really can´t pinpoint what went wrong with 2014 BitDefender as  I’m not an expert in this area, but all I know is from a user’s perspective that after almost 8 years this 2014 version (on my 9th year) was not a good experience whatsoever.

This article is not intended for anyone to go out running to buy Trend Micro Internet Security just because I am happy with it, the same that is not telling you that BiDefender is not a good choice. No, not at all!

This article serves the purpose to inform MoneyTrends4U readers about my own experience, but with a bonus, yes a bonus!

I’ve found a great site to buy software with great discounts, uses Paypal and is not only fast but totally reliable. 

So what’s the bonus?

1-  You don´t have to pay full price for your antivirus or any other software as long as you buy it from BuyCheapSoftware.  

    2-  If you are a wholesaler this is a great place to buy your stock from.

    3-  If you are looking for a work from home business you can open your online store and sale software because they sale in bulk at much cheaper prices, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

So, want the best anti-virus 2015 at the best price? - Why pay full price when you can save sometimes more than 50% when buying the best quality software for you pc, lap top, tablet and even smartphone?


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Nov 22, 2014

Dos and Don´ts When Shopping on Amazon

Shopping online, is supposedly to save time and money, and this said and done, it should mean, all efforts have been taken into consideration so no ugly surprises will come by a few short months after having made an online purchase, right? - Not always! So let´s  take a look at some dos and don’ts when shopping on Amazon.

Dos and Don´ts When Shopping on Amazon

Experience is the best knowledge, and I like to share mine so whoever takes the time to follow and read MoneyTrends4U will not get trapped by some non-professionals that invade and blemish the efficiency of others on some purchases made online, more precisely when shopping on Amazon.

I’ve written posts about how good it is to shop on Amazon, and I continue to vouch for them -  they are efficient, professional and practice good prices. Shopping on Amazon can actually be a good shopping experience, while saving time as well as money. Even if one makes a mistake and doesn’t like the article and has to return it, or even yet, when something goes wrong with it months after the purchase.  

I have bought from Amazon in Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom and can only remember good buys and excellent customer service relations even when some things went wrong - purchase after purchase, until about a month ago with an article bought from Amazon in Germany.

Last May I bought a weed cutter from Amazon in Germany and at the beginning of this month the machine stopped working, it simply would not start. Contacted Amazon and I was sent the usual instructions to print a return tag and take it to the post office. No problem, so far, all the usual procedures for returns on Amazon for repairs, replacement or reimbursement that I have been used to.

Following the instructions sent to me, I had the machine  unassembled, discarded the fuel, packed it in the original box, printed the return tag from the Amazon site and placed it on the package, took it to the post office and to my surprise the attendant did not want to accept the package alleging the return postage was not free.

Contacted Amazon and this is what the seller (Brast24) answered:

Dos and Don´ts When Shopping on Amazon

Hello Mrs. Dias,
I am sorry but I did not know, that you live in Portugal.
Due to the fact that we do not have a cost free shipping mark for Portugal, we can also offer you to send you the needed spare parts which also might be an easier way for you as well.
Can you please tell us what Kind of Problem you have with the article? If possible you can also send us a Picture of the defect. Therefore please use email adress: [E-Mail-Adresse entfernt]
As an alternative you can check in a local repair shop how much the costs would be if you let the item repair there. We might refund you the costs.
Again, we are very sorry for the circumstances.
We appreciate your understanding and send you best regards from Munich.

Dos and Don´ts When Shopping on Amazon

So, I bought something that was shipped to Portugal and the seller does not know where the item was shipped to? – It says so on the receipt, it says so on the tag they asked me to print for the return!

Are they sleeping at work? Do they read what they do? I guess not!

I have been trying to get what I am entitled to, which is the return of the machine back to Germany without paying for the shipping, the repair, replacement or refund , and up to this date it has been a loss of my time and patience.

Between many emails each one with different offers this was what I received today:

Dear Mrs. Dias,
please be aware that we offer a warranty of 2 years not a guarantee. There is a difference.
In accommodation we offered you to repair the item/ Exchange the parts which are defect but would kindly ask you to ship the item back to us on your costs.
We already explained that it was Amazons fault that the item was sold to Portugal. Therefore I suggest you to contact Amazon.
We appreciate your understanding.
Best regards from Munich.

I don´t yet know what the outcome of this will be as it seems that  in the midst of all the communication and miscommunication in the form of a ping pong game, someone is trying out my patience thinking I might give up complaining, but they have a surprise coming!

We all have our rights and they must be protected as well as honored.

Dos and Don´ts
 When Shopping on Amazon

  Where I live my rights are these,
  where you live your rights might be  different,
  but no matter the location, everyone has their rights
  and a seller must follow, not only the  rules for
  a good and professional comercial practice
  as well as  the applicable local  law.

But what is the problem with Amazon?

The problem is: 

- When buying from Amazon there is a huge difference from items “fulfilled by Amazon” and Amazon Marketplace, and so there is a loophole on the regulations.

When the purchase is fulfilled by Amazon there is no problem whatsoever, if something goes wrong the company will fulfill all your rights; when a purchase is made through a seller on Amazon Marketplace it´s like a gamble and we won´t know if the seller will honor the warranty everyone is legally entitled. Mind you, this is the first time a Markeplace seller (Brast24) behaves this way so in no means I am implying they all act unprofessional as this one (Brast24) has. 

So what is my advice regarding the dos and don´ts when shopping on Amazon?

-          Do buy  on Amazon making the best selections from the country that best suits your needs.
-          Do buy from Amazon ahead of time and taking advantage of all the best sales to save money.
-          Don´t buy from the Amazon Marketplace unless you know the seller.
-          Don´t ever buy from Brast24 on  Amazon Marketplace as they are not professional.

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Nov 1, 2014

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Further to the previous reviews and updates on Globallshare, which you may read here and here the social network that has been in development for almost two  years, the following is the latest updated information:

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Globallshare cleaned out all the spam and lot´s of fraudulent accounts during the last few months, but sadly, in this “cleaning” went a lot of genuine accounts leaving a very bitter taste in the mouths of their owners. I personally complained and claimed the account of a relative of mine, to conclude Globallshare does not answer regarding the disappearance of accounts.

I do understand that giving away free shares should be exclusive to genuine accounts, no doubt about that whatsoever - but closing the accounts without a warning email, is in my view not a decent way to work.  One thing they did gain with such a procedure – a lot of voices claiming they are scam and this is not good at all.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

I signed up with Globallshare back in May 2013 and lost most of the friends that had registered through me, some of which were close friends and family members whose accounts, to my dismay, completely vanished. If it weren´t for the daily shares I had for logging in everyday, I would at some point be left with almost nothing.

I guess we will never know what made them cancel and erase so many accounts without any notice, but as I promised, I will go to the end of this to see if this is a legit social network.

The offer of free shares has been closed for the Non-US users and for US-Users it will be closed in 29 days.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Upon the closing, share owners  were given the choice of opening a GAS Share Account paying an administration fee (for life) of $19.99.

This fee will supposedly allow its share owners to eventually buy or  sell shares, and, or receive its  monthly dividends  without having to pay any further commissions or fees.  When the transaction of payment of $19.99 is complete the share owners receive a certificate with the amount of shares, and a receipt  drawn up by Metronet Global Media, Inc. with the address 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes DE 19958, United States.

According to the schedule posted by Globallshare, trading of shares will begin on December 02,2014 and on January 02, 2015 monthly dividends will start to be paid to all the share owners.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

Hopefully it won´t be long until, the ones who have believed in  Globallshare, will know for sure if it was worth it, or not, registering and logging in everyday after all these long months.

As for the network itself, in my opinion it’s not very attractive or tempting like other networks to stay and read what all the friends post, for the simple reason that 99% of the those posts are pictures which after a while becomes very boring.  I think, this is due to the fact Globallshare  has a “rating” for whoever has more posts and likes, so of course the fastest way to do this is to load the network with pictures, but this is just a personal opinion that might not even be yours and therefore could be totally irrelevant.

Globallshare Review – 4th Update

If you are a USA resident you can still register on Globallshare and sign up to get some free shares for the next 29 days, as long as you login every single day until then, as well as increase that amount by inviting all your friends.   
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Oct 8, 2014

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

Financial stress often leads to anxiety and the need for psychotherapy; psychotherapy makes you spend more money on endless treatments, and spending too much will roller coast to out-of-control finances.

Soon enough, the financial anxiety caused by all your debt will give you insomnia, headaches, bad humor, bad performance at work, low self-esteem, and worst of all - not knowing what to do, where to start – thinking that any measure will be helpless.

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

So how do you treat your financial anxiety?

The best way, is never getting to that stage of chaos, and have a fair organization of your life and your finances. I´ve written other articles regarding this and  by reading or rereading them you will find plenty of clues and tips on how to invert your difficult situation.

Check them out:

2 - Savings

If things are already out of control you must get ahold, take charge of your finances and STOP spending on non-essentials, period.  

Make a list of your monthly expenses and mark what is non-essential and see how much you can save at the end of the month. Start implementing those measures immediately.  

How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety

In short: Trim the Fat from Your Budget.

There is no special secret on How to Treat Your Financial Anxiety, matter of fact it´s quite simple and all you need is commitment. Start trimming the fat from your budget immediately, get ahold of your finances once and for all, lead a wise and healthy life where you don´t spend too much and save  in the long run. After all of this planning, organizing and saving you will see your financial anxiety leaving you for life.

Like Kevin O´Leary from Shark Tank says:  Don’t spend too much. Mostly save. Always invest.

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Sep 17, 2014

Organize Your Life and Save Money

Hopefully everyone had a nice summer, kids are back in school and it´s time to reorganize everything around the house and put life back on track so some money can be saved with the organization process.

Disorganization is the worst enemy for money saving, the well-known phrase “time is money” enlightens us to the idea behind it, but are we always organized enough to save money?

Organize Your Life and Save Money
This article today is like a two in one: - How to Organize and How to Save Time and Money.

1-      Write down your priorities having in mind it´s the end of the summer and all the chores you should do next, like for instance cleaning, washing and putting away all the summer clothes or garden furniture. By doing this now, next year you won´t have to replace any of them for not being in mint condition, so you will start with an idea of a good amount of saved money.

2-      When going through the summer stuff, if you have kids and know they will outgrow some of the summer clothes, don´t go through the trouble of putting them away, do wash them, and put them on eBay for sale, or any other related site used in your country. Put that amount on the side and save it for next summer’s new batch of clothes for your kids.  Do the same thing with toys and gadgets.

3-      Clean up all the clutter and organize your house in such a way that you don´t waste any time when you are running for work in the morning. Make sure you have enough time to have breakfast at home, it´s healthier and you save money. 

Organize Your Life and Save Money
4-      Continue to go through the list to organize your life by priorities and don´t forget to reorganize your budget that after a summer must be off-balanced. If you need help, here is an interesting site to land you a hand on categorizing and organizing your finances, it´s called Mint  and it´s free to use.

5-      When balancing your budget, check if you can change and update some of the contracts you have on insurance, utilities, cable, telephone and cell phones. These companies often change prices and conditions to attract new customers and you might save some money by changing or even switching companies.

6-      Now that you've put all the summer stuff away, think about winterizing your home. Need help? Here is lots of valuable information on home repair and winterizing your home,  you can use free of charge from an expert in this field.  

7-      Organize your gift list and  shop ahead of time for the holidays and birthdays so you can save money by taking advantage of online sales.

If you have any other tips of your own on how to Organize Your Life and Save Money please do share them with us.

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Jul 5, 2014

CRYPTORY - The Next Best Trend On Crypto-Currencies

Back in January  of this year  I wrote my first article about Bitcoin, an introduction to this incredible world of the new digital currency, the world of crypto-currencies which you can read here if you haven't done so yet.

Since then, I've been further analysing and trying several possibilities, opportunities and new trends related to Bitcoin and have written other articles you can read here, and here.

Who´s The Next Trend On The Block Of Crypto-Currencies? - CRYPTORY 
There are so many ways to start making your own Bitcoins from mining yourself, being this the most difficult way, to collecting from innumerous online faucets, the easiest - if you have free time.  

I’ve recently been introduced to, and joined a new program that might be something interesting for all of you to join as well:  CRYPTORY

CRYPTORY,   is a registered trademark  of Cryptory Investment Partners Limited and Dublin Cryptorium Limited in Ireland.


Just by the name, anyone can assume that Cryptory deals in some sort with crypto-currencies, but exactly how?

Cryptory’s activities are the designing of chips specialized for the performance emission of Bitcoin currency. They are experts in the design, deployment and management of a wide range of IT solutions, and their supplier is the largest chip maker, Infineon Technologies.

How does Cryptory  system work?

The data center at CRYPTORY has been installed with high-performance servers that run on the specially developed ASIC-chip. These servers are optimized for Bitcoin mining and work on a common system of calculation. As more people reserve computing resources provided by the Cryptory system, the funds raised will go towards the purchase of new equipment to increase and better the system.

How can you get involved to start earning with Cryptory?

You can reserve a certain amount of computational resources provided by Cryptory’s  system by creating an account and depositing  an initial account balance that may start  from $50. The rate of mining will always depend on the amount of your account balance and the time it is left to accrue. Their site provides a calculator so you may figure out how much to invest initially in order to get back the earnings you expect to earn.

But how does it all work for you to earn every minute with Cryptory?

Their platform is a scalable system of distributed computing . The powerful computing system is optimized for the emission of Bitcoins, and the company has developed high-performance servers, dedicated to mining for Bitcoins. Cryptory allows you to use these servers, so all you need to do is sit back and watch your earnings grow, as long as you stay active with a minimum of $50 in your Cryptory account. Of course, the more you have deposited the more you earn, it’s obvious.

What to do to get in to Cryptory system and start earning today?

1-   Complete your  registration and open an account here.
2-  Make a deposit through either payment systems such as  BitCoin, EgoPay, Perfect Money or SolidTrustPay.

After just 2 quick steps you can literally see your account grow; you will see what I mean when you have your account set up with funds! There is a lot of information on the site to get more familiarized with the project  started only a couple of months ago by Cryptory, but the most important notes for you to keep in mind are:

1- The account balance can be withdrawn or replenished at any time using the same payment methods with no restrictions, but keep in mind, exponentially increasing income will depend on how much you have left in the balance of your account and how long it is left to accumulate Bitcoins. In simple words: - You can withdraw any amount from the system at any time, without restriction, but you may only keep your account earning and accruing with the Cryptory program as long as you keep a minimum of $50.


                                                              Maximize Your Earning Potential with CRYPTORY


May the Bitcoin world continue to grow with Cryptory, as well as your earnings!

Update - Sept 2014 - Unfortunately Cryptory was hacked and closed down to the dismay of all of us who thought they had a fantastic and well organized business.

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Jun 22, 2014

How to Save Money on Food

How to save money on food is quite easy if you plan ahead and know how to cook, period; but it can be much easier if you are focused on eating nutritiously well, and worry about food waste.

This is not another article with several steps on how to save money on food, no it isn´t.

This is related to what I promised when I wrote my introduction (published on the Behind the Scene page) back in March 2013 : - “In Moneytrends4U you will find ONLY what I have tried and believe it is worth sharing, and that can be as grand as to ways of investing and making lots of money,  to as small but also important,  as what to do with last night’s leftovers.”  

How to Save Money on Food
Master of all trades, not all, but a lot of them, I also like to cook, and I have taken a Nutritional Science course back in the eighties to better master and consolidate the art of cooking with proper and adequate  nutrition. This knowledge is a complement to my focus on saving money in every aspect of my daily routine, as well as my ongoing concern on not wasting any food.

As far as I´m concerned, I think you can plan on saving money on food when you write down your shopping list at home, buy items on sale,  use coupons,  etc. all of it is important, but as I mentioned before this is not where I want to focus this article.

Concentrating on these three points – 1)eating nutritiously well, 2)no food waste, 3)how to save money on food, I will give you one example in order for you to have an idea how to plan ahead on saving money on food while making the grocery list, and from there you will be able to apply it with almost any other food ingredient.

Suppose you don´t have a big family but you still would like to make a nice big pork loin, but hesitate because you think to yourself: - who likes to have pork loin reheated?  Good point, probably no one does!

How to Save Money on Food
What can you do?

Buy the pork loin (if it´s on sale better yet),  rub or smother it with virgin olive oil, season with salt and place it in a covered container for about 24 hours in the refrigerator.  Roast cook it in the oven in a low temperature, with the olive oil and just a bit of water, where if you´d like you may add small potatoes and diced carrots, and voilá – you will have your first delicious and nutritious meal with the most tender pork loin.

What to do with the rest?

Save it in the refrigerator as soon as it is cooled off and the next day (it is easier to cut it) plan how many more meals you can provide for, having in mind the following ideas:

-           Make the thinnest slices possible for roast pork sandwiches, and freeze them in individual plastic bags.

-          Cut it in cubes to make fried rice, where you should try to make it with whole rice to make it so much more nutritious, a chili or even a salad to be served as a meal where you will use your most savoring ingredients.  My favorite is: - pork loin cubes with papain also cut in cubes, with a vinaigrette sauce made with virgin olive oil, fresh lime juice and coriander leaves thinly cut.  Don´t forget to store the cubes in plastic bags as well, and just take them out when you need to use them.

How to Save Money on Food
With one pork loin you will be able to make several delicious and nutritious meals, never wasting any food, never thinking you´re eating leftovers , and above all, saving money on food.

You may and should use your creativity to use this example with pork loin with other ingredients such as turkey, chicken and even fish, and the next time you make your grocery list, think how much you can save on food making nutritiously delicious meals, by planning ahead of time and focusing on the most important factors:  - 1)eating nutritiously well, 2)no food waste, 3)how to save money on food.

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