Dec 19, 2014

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Any responsible parent knows that buying too many presents for their kids is not good; the question is however - how to get around it if most are doing just that? How to choose the best Christmas gifts for kids without being labeled as a Christmas Grinch?

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids
No one wants to go back to the times when no Christmas gifts were given, those were sad times - gifts are good most especially for small children. What a joy it can be to watch a child receive that special toy they were so anxious to get!  The big problem is  that overconsumption has taken the high road, and parents  don´t know how to get off.

Knowing that too much is not good is most important.

If you are a concerned parent about the wellbeing and financial future of your children I’m sure you have taken the necessary precautions in order not to go with the flow and overboard with the Christmas gifts you choose to buy.  

If you are uncertain as what to do, please read my previous article on Good Money Skills to Teach Children, and give it a thought as to whether it would be a good idea, to keep it simple as far as the toys are concerned, but compliment it with one of the ideas on the article!?

A lot of concerned people have been alerting to this fact of overconsumption being  bad for children; I haven´t been  the only apprehensive  person alerting to this fact and I am glad to see statements such as  “Missouri researchers warn buying too many presents for children can turn them into materialistic adults and cause behavioral issues in later life”

If you´d like read more, check this article on the Daily Mail, and be sure to watch the video as well, where Professor Martha Richins talks about the results of the study.  

Teach your kids on a daily basis that money does not grow on trees.

It is important that you know about the value of money, so you can teach your children as well, and give them the right tools in order to be selective about their choices in the future -  the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids are certainly the ones that will contribute for their wellbeing  and good sustainable future.

Last 12 Days of Toys Deals Til Xmas

Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Merry Christmas!

Dec 11, 2014

Best Anti-virus 2015 at the Best Price

Why pay full price when you can save sometimes more than 50% when buying the best quality antivirus for you pc, lap top, tablet and even smartphone? Read this article through, we’ve found the place you´re you can buy software at the best savings price for your  anti-virus or other software you might need.

For almost 9 years I’ve been using licensed BitDefender antivirus without one complaint whatsoever, until this current year (2014) when I decided to uninstall before the end period of the license, because of:

Best Anti-virus 2015 at the Best Price

1-      Slowness or blockage on re-initiating the pc or laptop
2-      Slowness or total blockage when BitDefender was updating which happened every hour.
3-      Trojans getting through without BitDefender noticing them

When buying a license for an antivirus you look forward a product that will make your life easier, protecting your work online as well as your data, right?

Not always!

Almost at the end of the year, I decided to uninstall BitDefender after having such a problem with trojans that made me format the main pc once again. Mind you, this happened 3 times this year. 
I´ve searched, researched, tried it for a month and finally bought a new license for TrendMicro Internet Security.
Best Anti-virus 2015 at the Best Price

How does Trend Micro Internet Security work?

1-      Silently
2-      The updates are done without you noticing
3-    The clean ups do not interfere or slow the pc,they are done when the software decides it is needed.

I finally have my pc working normally as last year, running faster as well as opening the pages and restarting much faster than before.

I really can´t pinpoint what went wrong with 2014 BitDefender as  I’m not an expert in this area, but all I know is from a user’s perspective that after almost 8 years this 2014 version (on my 9th year) was not a good experience whatsoever.

This article is not intended for anyone to go out running to buy Trend Micro Internet Security just because I am happy with it, the same that is not telling you that BiDefender is not a good choice. No, not at all!

This article serves the purpose to inform MoneyTrends4U readers about my own experience, but with a bonus, yes a bonus!

I’ve found a great site to buy software with great discounts, uses Paypal and is not only fast but totally reliable. 

So what’s the bonus?

1-  You don´t have to pay full price for your antivirus or any other software as long as you buy it from BuyCheapSoftware.  

    2-  If you are a wholesaler this is a great place to buy your stock from.

    3-  If you are looking for a work from home business you can open your online store and sale software because they sale in bulk at much cheaper prices, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

So, want the best anti-virus 2015 at the best price? - Why pay full price when you can save sometimes more than 50% when buying the best quality software for you pc, lap top, tablet and even smartphone?


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