May 11, 2013

GlobAllShare - New Social Network

GlobAllShare - The New Promising Social Network for 2013

Coming across an invitation to a  new Social Network called GlobAllShare I decided to research it before I would even try or recommend it as I usually do. I never recommend anything not tried and approved, either by me or my collaborators, but with GlobAllShare this rule cannot be applied because the network is not yet launched and the benefits are promised only to those who are enrolled before the launching date in June.

We have researched them on several scam sites and they have passed the tests.

So let´s take in consideration the other important issues:

1 - What is GlobAllShare supposed to be?
A new Social Network that is being built to be the future of Social Networking. It is free to join and it will be free to use all the services it will offer eventually. These will include:Phone Calls ; Video Phone; Free SMS; Video-email; Web-conference; Web-Presentation; Movies;Games; Music; Website Builder; Webshop builder; Advertisement.You may create your own website or web-store, too.

The goal of GlobAllShare is to set up the largest unrestricted social networking website of the future, here you may really keep in touch with whoever you wish, you may get to know people simply, you may build up new relationships, in an instant you can reach anyone all around the world with what you wish to share with them and anyone may view your postings. 

The difference so far is the promise of no restrictions, but is this enough for anyone to give it a try so far?

2- Where is GlobAllShare promising to make the big difference:
- The opportunity to be an owner for free!
We all know so well, we contribute to the other Social Networks to make large amounts of money with what we post everyday, while we get absolutely nothing in return. Aside from sharing our own private information, we keep on sharing  products, videos and what not, contributing to viral  spreads to the world and free of charge thanks to us "the users".
But the aim of GlobAllShare is not merely to enable free use for the users, but to make them feel the global community their own and thereby shaping  it as they find it appropriate by ensuring ownership status to each user in the form of free shares during the pre-organisation stage.
Each member of GlobAllShare, who joins to the community during the pre-organisation stage and contributes to the global growth thereof, may get GlobAllShare shares continuously all gratuitously and each month will receive dividends from the global profit in proportion of the shares owned after this venture is launched. 
They state on their site: “After the venture is launched GlobAllShare’s shareholders will receive each month their dividends from 70% of the global profit in proportion of the shares owned, thus every shareholder will get a constant monthly earning.”

The site gives all the information on how everything works so I am not going to transcribe it all here, the idea is just to pinpoint what in my view, differentiates them from the rest. 

We have enrolled to give it a try, and as we are writing this article  there are 2.571.532 enrolled so far,  when you register you´ll be able to check how many more have done it. 

We´ll only be able to truly know if all that is promised by GlobAllShare is real when they launch in June, but since the only investment needed is a few minutes of our time,  we say: - don´t be afraid to try somethingnew! Join here: 

Please read an update (Jan11,2014) of this article here


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    1. Did you ever register Garry? If you did, did you spam? They removed accounts due to that. If you didn´t do anything against the rules then you should send an email to the support of GlobAllShare.


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