Jun 17, 2013

$20 OFF on 5Star Meals Delivered to Your Door

Quality Home Cooking Made Easier


We have reviewed this awesome concept by Hello Fresh on a previous post, but came back to share their discount, at the beginning of the summer, which will come very handy for those great family meals.

If you didn´t read it before, read it now and then come back for your discount coupon right here on your right.

We believe it is a great idea, a great concept and above all it is an extreme Healthy Approach to Savings.

They are offering from now until July 14th,  $20 discount, when using the coupon on the right.

Bon Appétit and Happy Savings!

Updated again on July23, 2013

Hello Fresh has renewed their Summer Discount Offer to be valid until August 15, 2013.

Check the banner below and take advantage of their current savings for great fresh ingredients for your summer meals.

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